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Welcome to Middleburg Scouting

Middleburg, PA 17842 



The Boy Scouts of America have a long tradition of developing community leaders and citizens. The Middleburg Scouting experience carries on this long tradition, and challenges youth with numerous activities throughout the year. The scouts and their families are encouraged to participate in the adventures. The scouting experience includes hiking, backpacking, camping, and numerous other activities teaching vital skills that can be used in every aspect of their life. These skills include leadership, teamwork, project planning, and numerous other handicrafts. Please venture through our site and discover what scouting has to offer and the achievements that can be reached.



Boy Scout Troop 415

The trail in becoming a Boy Scout is challenging and rewarding. Each year, Boy Scout Troop 415 actively participates in numerous community events and activities as well as many other specialized scouting activities designed to build teamwork and integrity. This year the troop has numerous activities planned including hikes, canoeing, and other family/community-oriented activities. Troop 415's roster has sixteen active scouts which adds a unique experience to scouting. Boy Scout Troop 415 has been an active part of the community for over 75 years.



Cub Scout Pack 3415

The trail of the Cub Scout is also challenging and rewarding. These young scouts also participate in a variety of community events as well as those specifically designed to introduce them to the Boy Scout Oath and Laws. The dens of Tiger, Wolf, Bear, and Webelos have numerous activities planned including den outings, adventures, and family/community-oriented activities. The dens of Pack 3415 also have a long tradition as being a part of the community.




The Boy Scouts of America develop leadership skills and motivate youth in becoming responsible citizens and community leaders.   


 If you would like to learn more about the scouting experience and/or our troop, please forward any questions to the following troop personnel:


Committee: lshamory@verizon.net 

Troop: schaubo@ptd.net





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